My Journey to Mount Everest (Base Camp Trek)


10 Comments on “My Journey to Mount Everest (Base Camp Trek)

  1. Such an informative post! Your blog looks amazing! I so want to do this trek one day, but must wait for the little girl to grow up! Cheers x


  2. I had no idea my sister prepared for 2-years for this trip! I was with her on this trip and had 1-month “prepping” as I made a last minute decision to join her and my dad. Lol

    My advice to those who do not have time to prepare like me are:
    – Just be mentally strong. It’s not a race so go at your own pace and rest and drink water when needed.
    – Do not fight the signs your body is giving you, especially that of altitude sickness. From what I was told, altitude sickness is something you can’t prepare for. Even our guides and sherpas showed signs of altitude sickness and I thought they were immune to this.
    – Listen to the advice of the locals and more experienced trekkers you will come across along the way.
    – Always look at where you’re stepping. If you want to appreciate the view, take photos and videos, stop walking.
    – Keep warm.
    – You get a better view of Mt. Everest by climbing Mt. Kalapathar than from Everest Base Camp 1.
    – Paying a bit extra for more comfort during the hours of rest is so worth it.

    For me, the journey was more impressive than the actual destination πŸ™‚


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