10 Extreme Adventures You Can Do Around Manila

There are so many activities to do around Metro Manila, and when you get bored of the usual coffee shop brunches, lively night life, and shopping destinations, you can always tweak your free time to do something a little more exciting and memorable. You can try out the different adrenaline junkie activities which are just a drive away from the metro.

1. Wakeboarding

Top 10 Extreme Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding has been a popular destination for day trippers in Manila. Just less than two hours away from the metro, you can reach Republ1c Wakepark in Nuvali. The wake park offers two different lakes – one for beginners and one for pros. The beginner’s lake is a good place to learn wakeboarding because there are professionals that teach all the right techniques. For the more advanced riders, the main lake has several ramps where you can test your skills. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you are also allowed in the main lake even if you are a beginner. Just get ready to get those nasty whip lashes that may last a few days from the wipeout!

Venue Location Distance from Makati City Prices:
 Republic Wakepark  West Diversity Boulevard Nuvali, Calamba, Laguna 50 Km.
1Hr – Php 250
2Hrs – Php 475
4Hrs – Php 595
8Hrs – Php 995
Pradera Wake Park  Lubao, Pampanga 95Km.
1 Hour – 250
2 Hours – 475
4 Hours – 595
8 Hours – 1000

2. Trapeze

Do you want to feel like testing your gymnastic capabilities and feel like you are in a circus? If yes, then drop by Flying Trapeze Philippines which is in the heart of Metro Manila. The Trapeze park is located in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The Flying Trapeze is the only full-size flying trapeze rig in the Philippines. The trapeze park is open to all levels of experience (beginner, intermediate and advanced), as long as you are able to learn fast and whip out your adrenaline junkie capabilities, this is a good place for you. When you are in the park, you will be assisted by trained professionals to do amazing flips and flies. If you haven’t been working on your upper body, get ready to feel sore as flying through the air helps tone your upper body and core in a fun and challenging exercise.

Venue Location Distance from MM Prices:
Flying Trapeze BGC BGC 3 Km.
 1 class (2hrs) (Php 800.00) prices subject to change without prior notice

3. Rock Climbing/ Wall Climbing

Are you tired of the gym and looking for another form of a full body workout with a little more excitement? Try out the different climbing gyms around the metro. Aside from just a physical workout, wall climbing requires strategy in the more advanced walls with different route options. For beginners, climbing walls is a good workout and a good location to meet new fit friends.

Once you feel confident in your climbing skills, go and test your abilities in the outdoor rock climbing locations around the metro.

Top 10 Extreme Rock Climbing

Venue Location Distance from MM Prices:
 Extreme Adventure Zone   Wawa Dam, Montalban, Rizal  38Km.
(~1.40 Hrs)
 Php 600 (whole day)
 Power Up in ROX  High Street, BGC 3 Km.
Php 150 for one climb
Php 400-day pass (w/out equipment)
Climb Central Manila The Portal, Mayflower St., Greenfield District, Mandaluyong 5 Km.
Php 400-day pass (w/out equipment)
 Camp Sandugo Climbing Wall  Market! Market!, BGC  3 Km.
 Php 350-day pass (w/out equipment)


Rappelling Laguna

Too lazy to climb up the wall and prefer just rappelling down? Check out the different rappelling locations offered by Extreme Adventure Zone. The group offers different types – from rappelling off bridges to 80ft waterfalls. You don’t need physical strength for any of these, just a brave heart and the need for adrenaline to slide yourself down the ropes. It looks scary at first but it’s very rewarding when you reach the bottom.

To find out the event schedules, “Like” their official Facebook Page to keep up to date on the schedule of activities.

Venue Location Distance from MM Prices:
 Extreme Adventure Zone  Buntot-Palos Waterfalls, Pangil, Laguna  75 Km.
Php 1,200 (overnight)
 Rave Adventure Park  F. Legaspi Ave. Maybunga,
Pasig City
10 Km.
Please inquire through their page

5. 4×4 Adventures

Top 10 Extreme 4x4

Do you prefer being behind a wheel, or just riding freely without seatbelts and rummaging through dirt roads and creeks? Try out a 4×4 adventure in Mt. Pinatubo. There are different varieties of 4×4 military jeeps lined up, ready to take adventurers through lahar (volcanic mudflow) valleys. There are many other locations outside Metro Manila that offer these kinds of activities, just find out which location suits you best!

Venue Location Distance from MM Prices:
Sapang Bato Sapang Bato, Angeles City 110Km.
Please inquire through their page
 Mt. Pinatubo  Sta Juliana, Capas, Tarlac  140Km.
Please inquire through their page

6. Paragliding

Top 10 Extreme Paragliding

Don’t own a drone? Don’t worry! You can experience being your own personal drone by tandem paragliding. Don’t fret as you will be assisted by someone else (unlike the photo I found online).

If you want to experience the thrills up in the air while enjoying the scenery of the Philippines at a higher point than the mountains, then you should check out the paragliding adventure. Paragliding is an assisted tandem activity where you protect yourself with harnesses, and a pilot navigates you across the landscape of the area.

Venue Location Distance from MM Prices:
Fly Extreme Adventure Club Carmona, Cavite 33Km
~ Php 2,000 – 3,300 depending on size of group
Air Sports Adventure Philippines Governor Drive, Makati, Luzon 4116, Philippines Depends on season.
Season for fly sites:Carmona, Cavite — end of October until AprilSan Mateo, Eastside of Manila — June until October
Please inquire through their page

7. Skydiving

Top 10 Extreme Skydiving

Sky diving is one of those things that may be in everyone’s bucket list. Years ago, you needed to fly to other countries to experience sky diving. Nowadays, you can go check off that bucket list item by sky diving in Pampanga. Jump off 10,000 feet from an airplane and enjoy a better view than what you can see from your drone shots. Although not the cheapest activity to do, sky diving offers an experience that would last you a lifetime.

Sky diving is offerend in Pampanga from November to June, when the skies are clearer and the winds are not that harsh.

Venue Location Distance from MM Prices:
Skydive Zambales Dropzone

Iba Airport, Iba, Zambales

Php 36,225.00

8. Zipline

Going down the zipline is a lot of fun as you get to experience the view from one point to the next. Ziplines are relatively safe (depending on how well they maintain the wires). The great thing about ziplines is it makes you feel like you are flying.



Distance from MM


La Mesa Eco Park

Quezon City


 Please inquire through their page
 Tagaytay Ridge Zipline and Cable Car

Picnic GroveTagaytay,


Php 600.00

Camp Explore

Brgy. Calawis, Antipolo


 Please inquire through their page

9.Trail Biking

Want to go off the normal road and go for a little adventure? Trail biking is another popular hobby for people living in Manila. It is a lot of fun for family excursions, and there are a lot of places to go trail biking just outside the metro.

Trail biking

Venue Location Distance from MM Prices:
 Lawton Ave  Lawton Avenue, Fort Bonifacio  5Km.
 Highlands Adventure Park Highlands Adventure Park in Tagaytay 60Km.
Please inquire through their page

10. Spelunking

Top 10 Extreme Spelunking

Scared of heights but still want to be adventurous? Not to fret, there are a lot of activities where you can just use your feet, or all four limbs. Spelunking, or in layman’s terms, caving, is a lot of fun! Crawl into crevices, tiny holes on the ground, walk through mud and shallow canals, and possibly get close to bat poo! It’s all part of the adventure!

There are several places to go spelunking close to Manila. There are still many private caves which are not readily open to the public – but if you befriend one of the travelling foxes, maybe she will invite you to go to one of those secret caves!

Venue Location Distance from MM Prices:
Madlum Cave San Miguel, Bulacan


Guide fees may vary

Calinawan Cave

Tanay, Rizal


Guide fees may vary




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