The Travelling Foxes were invited by the founders of Suns Out Fitness (@SunsOutFitness) to organize a private trial outdoor event for their key members. Natalie, who loves waterfalls, decided to contact The Extreme Adventure Zone to help out with organizing a rappelling event for the selected members. This was the first extreme adventure organized by The Travelling FoxesRead More


The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2017 was celebrated on the 9th to the 12th of February. Every year, the event gathers locals, tourists and aviators from around the world for a spectacular event which showcases several aviation stints and aerobatic exhibitions. Read More

A school of Art & Media, Business and Technology launched last Wednesday, February 8 2017 in Ortigas, Metro Manila. The school aims at leading the innovation of education for aspiring leaders, businessmen and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The school offers practical and applicable courses by integrating theories and techniques that can immediately be applied to real world circumstances.  Read More