Ah, India.

The land of curry, beautiful chaos, and magnificent landscapes: India is definitely every traveller’s dream destination. The country is like a continent in itself — each region having its own beauty, charm, and colorful culture. However, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, especially if culture shock is not something you want to experience.

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It was a good catch up with Crystal Claire – she is one of the few women who chose a career where she can enjoy her passion for travelling. Crystal has been a flight attendant for almost 10 years and is enjoying every single bit about it. The Travelling Foxes decided to interview her because she is one of the few examples as to why we all deserve to be doing a career that is connected to our passion. One of the highlights of her life as a flight attendant was getting the chance to travel to the different Read More

Aside from visiting the beach during summer, there are other options to cool off by visiting mountain provinces like Baguio. Located approximately 250km (4-5hrs drive) away from Manila, Baguio is a popular destination for the locals because of all the activities you could do in the area.

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